[ Open Recruitment WGG INFOR-SIB 2018 ]

Calling for all dexterous people around

Come and be a part of us !
Available Divisions:
-Health + Supply

- Minimum of 2.5 GPA
- Bring your CV in transparent L folder, includes:
1. Curicullum Vitae
2. 3x4 coloured photo
3. Score Transcript
4. SKKK Transcript

May 18-29, 2018

May 21-30, 2018

Register and schedule your interview date on :
(You can only schedule your interview at the latest D-1 before the interview date)

Link for Curriculum Vitae : tinyurl.com/CVWGGINFOR

Please complete all the requirements paper and bring them on your interview date

For further information :
OA LINE http://line.me/ti/p/~@khd0625o

Five to five,
Two to two,
Could do as they were expected to.
How about you?